Magnificent Maps

Place coffee filters onto the paper using water. Using yellow and blue semi moist tempera cakes, paint on top of the coffee filters creating several variations of green. Paint any white paper left with blue paint. Once dry, remove coffee filters. Add objects such as buildings, roads, trees, and mountains [...]

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Colorful Shapes

Draw or trace a big shape in the middle. Then add five lines from the shape to the edge of the page to create sections. Fill each section outside of the shape with designs. Shapes and lines make the best designs. Add oil pastel on the top of the designs. [...]

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Friendship Circles

If working collaboratively, tape two sheets of paper together on the back, use painter’s tape so it can easily be removed. Use a pencil and tracers to fill the pages with a variety of circles. Use paint sticks to fill the circles in using a variety of colors. If working [...]

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Flower Power

Choose a flower shape and draw in pencil a large version of it, taking up most of the paper. Using bright colors, fill in the flower image. Be creative - flowers can be any color! Carefully color in the background with a contrasting color. Optional - outline the flower in [...]

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STEAM Compass Art

Students will replace the pencil in the compass with a paint brush. Depending on the design of the compass, you may need to use a piece of tape to keep it in place. Have students mark six points on their paper, equal distance apart. Next, students can dip their paintbrush [...]

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Underwater Scene

Have students divide paper into three sections – ocean floor, water and sky. Make the water the largest space. Discuss different types of sea animals they might like to include in their picture and draw lightly in pencil. Add details of sea grass, coral or a shipwreck. Color with crayons [...]

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