Place a small amount of paint in the center of the page. Students will use a paint brush to swirl it into a circle, creating the shell. Use the eraser end of a pencil to create a swirl in the paint when it is still wet. Allow the paint to [...]

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Sea Turtle

Use a pencil and tracer to create an oval on the sheet of paper. Draw four flippers, a tail, and a head off of the body. Add additional details to the head such as eyes. Draw the design on the shell of the turtle. See page one for more detailed [...]

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Self Portrait

Trace an oval onto the page. Draw the eyes in the center of the oval. Draw the ‘lemon’ outside shape, the iris, the pupil, and the final details such as the eyelids, lashes, and eyebrows. Draw the nose. Start with the capital letter ‘U’, then the two baby ‘u’s on [...]

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Hand Stamp Painting

Prepare background. Place paper over textured surface and rub surface lightly with broad side of a crayon. You may overlap several colors for a different effect. Sponge painting the background is another option. Painting process. Pour small amounts of paint in trays. Press child's hand in desired color and carefully [...]

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