A personal Art to Remember order

There are four easy steps to submitting your personal Art to Remember order:

  1. Use your previous Art to Remember artwork or create new artwork. See our art guidelines below for best results.
  2. Click Here to print your Personal Order Form.
  3. Shop through our great selection of keepsakes and fill out the Personal Order Form. Keep in mind we have a $25  minimum.
  4. Mail your order form and artwork to the address below. Your keepsakes and original artwork will be shipped to the address you provide on the Personal Order Form. Order forms must be received by 12/4/17 for 12/22/17 delivery.Art to Remember
    5535 Macy Dr.
    Indianapolis, IN 46235

    We only accept orders from the 48 contiguous United States
Art Guidelines

If you are creating new artwork, use 8″ x 10″ paper.  Anything smaller or larger will not be accepted. For best results use art paper or heavier paper such as card stock. Do not use copy or printer paper.  Construction paper does not copy true to color. Keep names and dates one inch (1″) from edge of paper. Fill the entire page with color.

For best results, use bright, bold colors and use the following materials:

  • Markers
  • Tempera Paint
  • Water Color
  • Crayons (Please don’t use the color “Construction Gray”)
  • Playcolor Sticks

DO NOT use the following materials:

  • Colored pencils (Usually too light)
  • Glitter (Copies poorly)
  • Metallics
  • 3D objects
  • Scratch art
  • Fluorescents or Highlighters
  • Chalk
  • Oil Pastels (These stick to our scanning equipment)
  • “Construction Gray” crayon

DO NOT create artwork with trademarked subjects such as Disney Characters or Sponge Bob.

Common Questions:

Do you still have my art from previous years’ programs?
We save much of the art from students that previously ordered. Call (800-895-8777) or email us to confirm we still have your child’s artwork. You can always re-submit the original artwork.  Please include the artist’s name, teacher, school name, city and state when emailing.

Can I submit more than one piece of art?
Absolutely! Please complete a separate Personal Order Form for each piece of art and mark each piece of art with identifying numbers so we can determine which order form goes with which piece of artwork.

Do I get charged the shipping fee on each Personal Order Form?
No, the shipping fee is charged per address. We are happy to make multiple orders and ship them together to one address.  It’s a great way to save by doing a project with family, friends and neighbors!

How do I pay for my Personal Order?
We only accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards for Personal Orders. If you have questions about how we handle your credit card information, please see our Privacy Policy.