What Has Your Fundraising Partner Done for You?

Art to Remember was founded 20 years ago with the mission of supporting and promoting art education. Our mission hasn’t changed one bit over the last two decades, but we’ve worked hard to continually make the program easier and more beneficial for you, your school, and your families. Throughout the years, we’ve made the program

The Importance of Arts in Education

We know how imperative it is for schools to include arts in their curriculum, which is why it’s the Mission of our organization to Support and Promote Art Education. But it’s always encouraging to see the message reiterated in the media, especially when it’s coming from Indiana’s leading business publication, The Indianapolis Business Journal. Be

Putting the A in STEAM

If you have a STEM or STEAM based curriculum at your school, be sure to check out the latest issue of STEAMed Quarterly Magazine. This issue is full of great ideas for art educators, including two lesson plans from Art to Remember. Click through to read the entire magazine or go directly to our site